A Normal Day at School

Our last week in Korea has arrived…  It feels so unreal and strange.

Korea has been our home for 3 years, but actually 5 years.  We’ve been here from 2007-2009, went back to South Africa to get married, start our lives there and then a lot of things happened.  We were not really in a happy place then, and a lot of big decisions had to be made and dreams worked on…  We then got an opportunity to come back to Korea.  So in 2011 we came back and have been here ever since.

Our days mostly consist of teaching these awesome faces English.  We teach them to write and read, have easy conversations, sing songs and play games, all of it in English.  A very foreign language here, because Korea has their own alphabet and language, called Hangul.

They are like little sponges and pretty clever.  They start learning English at the age of 4 years, so by the time they’re 6 and graduating from kindergarten they have the confidence to have an easy converstation with us and their friends.  They understand even more and can read like we could not have read by the time we went to school…  It is amazing to see their transformation!

These photos are a normal day at school.  Some of them are like monkeys in front of the camera as you would see in some photos.  These monkeys are also the ones with the most English confidence overall and always challenging me and David with difficult questions about ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ‘but teacher…’

These photos are only of a few of the kids, if I had to make a post of all the kids we teach it would be more than 200 photos!

I will surely miss these kids.  They can make you angry the one day and smile the next.  Afterall, they are just kids, who wants to play, be respected and be loved, in a wonderful world where their teachers are from an amazing wild continent called Africa.  They still don’t believe we’re really from Africa…

They also love you back.  In a way only a teacher will understand, I think.  You just know and feel it.  And it’s very hard when they get tears in their eyes now when they realise there are only 5 sleeps left seeing us. I will cry my eyes out on Friday…

Enjoy the photos!!!

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