Hello 2014 | At The Sea | Project 52 | Week 1

Project 52, Week 1, seaI’ve spent my last days of 2013 on a tropical island, Boracay, in the Philippines, the same island I started 2013 on…

At the beginning of 2013 I made myself a promise, not so much a new years resolusion, just a promise.  A promise to learn something new every day in photography and business, a promise to stop being afraid and go all out in my photography, a promise to be myself, to do what feels right to me, to start living my passion!

And I’m happy and proud to say I did just that!

My husband and I were just starting our last year in Korea as English teachers, so having made this promise to myself was not easy.  We still had to teach every day (afterall, that was our jobs) and then whenever I had free time, I could spend it on my photography.  That meant doing shoots almost every weekend, or editing every weekend, and having no real social life…  Spending my nights working on my website, editing, making plans, doing admin.

BUT, it was so worth it!

Looking back on 2013 I feel blessed to have had the opportunities that came my way.  Meeting all the amazing people I photographed, trying out new ideas and new locations, traveling to new places, learning all about building a website, Lensbaby lenses, business stuff…  and so much more!

2013 was a good year!

So while being back on Boracay for the end of 2013 and the start of 2014, I made myself new promises… To make 2014 even bigger and better and more awesome.  For one, I’ll be going back to South Africa in less than a month, so that will bring on new adventures and challenges.  Then going full time as a photography business owner is super scary but also exciting!  Watch this space…

To remind myself every week of my promise for 2014, I decided to start a project.  I have to take a photo every week for a year, a photo with a story (I love stories if you don’t know already, so this is exciting to me!).  And I have to blog the photo every week and tell the story behind it!

Sounds exciting?  I think so!

So here is week 1.  And the story behind this photo is just this, my promise to myself.  I sat flat on the sand with my camera and Lensbaby Edge80 lens and tried to ‘catch’ the waves…  Whenever I see this photo I’ll remember where I took it, what I decided and where it will take me.


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