Breathing | Project 52 | Week 41

Breathing, Project 52, Week 41, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Ilze Louw, Overberg Photographer, Kleinmond, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa

I’m really fascinated by seeing the world so differently through my lens.  My husband love to say “you can even make weeds look beautiful…”

But I’m even more fascinated by how beautiful nature is, especially here in the Overberg.

When you spend a lot of your time behind a computer working, going outside into nature is like breathing in new inspiration, it gets me all fired up to start my new projects and work hard again.

But it also makes me put on the brakes of my life and just enjoy the moment.

It’s already week 41 of this year, only a few weeks left of this year and this project.  Really can’t believe I’ve not missed one week!  If I can do this year long project, what else won’t I be able to do in the next year…

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