Caitlyn and Hendrik {Winter Wonderland Love}

CaitlynHendrik White Winter Wonderland LoveFrom the moment I met these two beautiful people I knew we were going to get along very well!

I actually ‘met’ Caitlyn through facebook… how a lot of great friendships start in today’s world.  She is a life coach and the brain behind the blog collaboration I was a part of about “Tips for Starting your own Creative Business.”  If you haven’t heard about it yet, head over here and here to read about it.

So at the end of November we decided to meet up, take photos, enjoy a cold winter’s day together, chat, eat out, drink lots of coffee and of course talk about how great Korea is, but how much greater South Africa is!  They’re also from South Africa and studied in the same university town we did, and are also heading back to South Africa soon.

Nature was kind to us and we had a beautiful sunny day (although it was still freezing cold) with a blanket of snow everywhere, so the light was soft and creamy and just perfect.  Shooting in snow is really awesome!

Caitlyn and Hendrik are down-to-earth, real people.  They adore each other and are best friends.  They have this easy going comfortable nature and just by looking at each other they know what the other one thinks.  You guys are just awesome!

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