Celebrating Autumn


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus

Autumn in Korea the whole world is turned into a wonderland of colours like no other I’ve ever seen!  And I get excited about colour, the bolder and brighter the better!

I’ve watched the season change from very green everywhere to soft greens, oranges, yellows and bright reds, and documented it over a three week period.  This ‘project’ was something personal and beautiful to me.  Firstly because I want to always remember how beautiful Korea gets in autumn but more importantly I want to celebrate this normal phenomenon happening every year.

It is truly something magical to me, and you can ask my husband… I literally jump up and down with excitement when I see something so ordinary like these autumn leaves and being able to capture it through my eyes and camera.

Stop and think about the small everyday beauty around you.  We live in a magical world full of wonder and excitement, you just have to start seeing it.  When you’re surrounded by children every day, you get reminded of that often and you start seeing the world through their eyes.

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