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This week was one of those crazy, busy weeks that went by that did NOT look like it was going to be a busy one last week…  It just happened!

So yes, now, Sunday night, two hours before Monday and the next week, which will be week 25, I am writing this blog post about week 24 in my project 52.

And to be honest, I just don’t have a photo I took specifically for this week…

So I am sitting here and it is driving me CRAZY not having a photo I took for week 24.  And I know most people will just not be bothered and just go on, but OH MAN, I am so not most people, so this is irritating me and I can’t go to sleep before I do this post. Haha, I think I must really be some kind of special crazy.

I also only got home tonight after having been on the road and away for most of the week.

For this week I have an old photo, but I thought this week could do with a quote instead.  And this quote sums up week 24 perfectly.  (And I am a quote junkie, so my project 52 won’t be complete anyway without a quote-photo…) (See how I’m justifying my week without taking a photo…? Special crazy!)

After this week I learned a lot of new things, I connected with a lot of new people and old friends and I even learned a few tricks regarding photography.  So, even though it was a tough one I secretly loved it too, but I won’t mind if it is a while before I get one like this again…

Project 52, Week 24, Ilze Louw, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Western Cape, South Africa

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