Creative Business Tips: Series Introduction

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If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own creative business but have no idea where to begin, then this series is just for you.

9 Creative woman will share their tips and tricks on starting your own creative business.

I feel honoured and blessed to be a part of this series.  And it is even more wonderful to share tips and ideas with all of you about what I’ve learned along the way.

We’ve all been where you are now, we’ve taken the plunge and started, so join in this series and our journey, learn from us, our mistakes and even connect with us to ask any questions you might have.

Starting Nov 18th, we will be launching an exciting blog collaboration series where we’ll be looking at 9 of the top tips we believe you need in starting your own creative business.

Here is the line up of creative woman who will be part of this series.  Remember to subscribe and connect to each of these blogs, facebook pages and twitter feeds to stay updated on all the topics.


Monday, 18th Nov

Caitlyn de Beer will write about ‘What’s the most important question to ask yourself before starting your own business’

See the post on Caitlyn de Beer Life Coaching

Connect with Caitlyn on twitter and facebook.


MeganTuesday, 19th Nov

Megan Galloway will be addressing the question, ‘Should you combine many passions or just choose one?’

See the post on Megan Galloway Growth Coach

Connect with Megan on twitter and facebook.


IlzeWednesday, 20th Nov

Ilze Louw Schlebusch will write about ‘The importance of Professionalism – website & photos’

See the post on Ilze Louw Photography

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RoxyHuttonThursday, 21st Nov

Roxy Hutton will write about ‘Blogging – where to begin’

See the post on CityGirlSearching

Connect with Roxy on twitter and facebook.


KellyFriday, 22nd Nov

Kelly Lubbee will be writing about ‘How to use Social Media to promote your business’

See the post on Sunflowers and spears

Connect with Kelly on twitter and facebook.


FathimaMonday, 25th Nov

Fathima will be writing about ‘Creating an online store’

See the post on Happiness is at

Connect with Fathima on twitter and facebook.


PhillipaTuesday, 26th Nov

Phillipa Rowney will be writing on ‘Networking’

See the post on Coffeyandcake

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Kim & FilWednesday, 27th Nov

Kim & Fil will be writing on ‘Bridge jobs – The secret to financing your creative business’

See the post on Ruby&Swallow

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NicolaThursday, 28th Nov

Nicola will be writing on ‘Creative or Critic: Who’s driving your business venture?’

See the post on Loving Mondays

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Here are 10 reasons why you should follow our series:

1. According to, the average age for people to start their own businesses is between ages 35 – 40. Why remain ‘average’?? Make your big move now. Get something going, no matter how small it is. You’ll be 10 steps ahead of the rest of your market when you reach their age.

2. Why live another day with your talent remaining hidden from the world.

3. You can learn from our mistakes and thus save yourself time and money!

4. We even share advice on how it’s possible for you to finance your business & lifestyle, when you don’t have big startup capital available.

5. You will have our details, so if you ever need business advice in future; we will only be an email away.

6. It’s FREE!!!

7. Who knows, this series may one day be a part of your “How I became famous” story.

8. You can stay in contact with the blog collaborators and thus start building your network immediately.

9. If you leave comments on our posts, we may just ask you to write a Guest post on one of our blogs. That way, you’ll get your business out there sooner than you imagined!

10. We’ve taken the plunge and trust us, it’s the BEST decision we ever made. Now…it’s your time to shine!!

If you know someone who may benefit from this series, please use the share buttons at the bottom of this post.  

We are here to help YOU, so connect with us, ask questions, share, and learn from our experiences.  We know how it feels to start living a dream we had, to take the plunge, to not know how to do things or what to expect, so that’s why we’re here. 

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