Dreaming | Freelensing | Project 52 | Week 18

Freelensing, freelensed, Project 52, week 18, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, South AfricaFor week 18 of my project 52 I’m bringing you a freelensed photo!

Freelensing is when your lens is actually free from your camera.  You remove the lens and then hold it in front of your camera and tilt it slightly to the sides to get a part of the photo in focus and the rest is one big blurry bokeh heaven.  I LOVE bokeh!

It’s a dangerous technique, because your camera’s sensor (the most important part of your camera) is exposed to dust particles.  And you really don’t want dust on your sensor.  But this technique gives this crazy cool effect that you can otherwise only get with a real tilt shift lens, or some of the Lensbaby lens optics.

I was intrigued by this technique for long and always wanted to try it out.  But I was scared of the exposed camera sensor, so I left it.

Then I decided to just do it, because this is so typical me, always too afraid to do stuff because of what MIGHT happen!  And it’s a terrible thing to be like this, so slowly but surely I’m starting to climb out of my comfort zone and doing more stuff that is ‘scary’ and actually really fun.

This photo was the beautiful result.

It was taken on our farm in Clanwilliam.  A big thanks to my awesome sister for being my model once again!  She had to stand still for long, because it’s not easy to freelens!

 Freelensing, Freelensed, Ilze Louw, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

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