Earth Child | Double Exposure | Project 52 | Week 30

So this week I found out I can do something with my camera that I never knew I could…

I can take a double exposure photo in camera.  This means I take a photo and then take another photo on top of the first one and they kind of blend together to form something dreamy and whimsical…

You can also play around with the two photos, compose the one in a certain way and then position the second photo so that it blends with the first one in such a way that it tells a story or portray something specific.

So for week 30 in my project 52 I have a double exposure photo that I took entirely in my camera, no photoshop involved.

I photographed my friend Linda (from Linda Fourie Photography) and then positioned her photo over a bush of leaves to look like the leaves and sticks are growing out of her face.

It is a super cool technique to try out and I actually jumped up and down when I saw the result!

Earth Child, Double Exposure, Project 52, Week 30, Ilze Louw, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa

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