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Project 52, week 3, kidsIt is week 3 of my project 52!  And this week I want to give you a peek into ‘my every day’ the past 3 years…

I am (only for a little while longer) an English teacher in Korea.  My husband and I work at a kindergarten and we teach 4-6 year old kids English.

Our days consist mostly out of singing, playing games and entertaining them.  We teach them to write, read, spell, and speak English (Korea has their own alphabet, so learning the alphabet, and English, is a big deal here!)  We start teaching them English when they’re 4 years old, and by the time they’re 6 and done with kindergarten, they can tell stories in English, read books, write, spell, look up words in the dictionary and put the ABC’s in order in their sleep!  And that is kind of cool!

If you see how much they’ve grown and learned and achieved it brings a lump to your throat to know that you’ve had a part in their education and their confidence in English.  Really, you wouldn’t believe how much these tiny kids can absorb and learn.  When they stand before you after 3 years and tell you this looooong story of how they’re going to their grandmother’s house this weekend, for 3 sleeps and then go hiking and skiing and eat at a restaurant and eat cake and cookies and cola and me veeeerrrryyyy happy teacher, because me and THE grandmother played card game and me WINNER!!! and all of it is in English (with the cutest mistakes) then you just want to hug them!

So for week 3 I had my camera with me at school every day, and I took many photos, but not one that stood out to me… Until this one!

These 3 boys, Kyle, Logan and Reuben, were done with their work and they played around the table, peeking at each other over it and under it just the way you would expect of 3 boys playing.  And I just saw this photo in my head!  I asked them to keep on playing, I want to take a photo, and they were actually all peeking at me with just their eyes showing.

Then Logan lifted his head up and smiled his toothy grin and I had an even better shot!

Only afterwards did I see the cool reflections on the table and the cute boy fingers also peeking at you…

And then a few seconds later everyone wanted in on the fun… so here is a bonus photos!  Not so great because I just snapped and didn’t change any settings on the camera.

project 52, week 3, everyone wanted fun!

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