How does a photo session feel?

My approach is relaxed, unobtrusive and mostly unposed. I do direct sometimes, especially during lifestyle sessions, but during documentary sessions I observe and catch moments, so you can just do whatever you normally do.

Every session is unique to you. I can quickly sense if you'll want more direction or if you're comfortable to just go on doing your own thing.

I'm a storyteller, so I'll capture moments that tell your unique story, and for every family that's different. I love to show you how beautiful your seemingly ordinary life is. I'll show you the art in your everyday moments.  

What is the best time of day for an outdoor session?

Just when the sun is about to set, usually the hour before sunset, and just after the sun is gone, the light is at its best. It's softer and has a golden or pinkish-purple glow to it, making for beautiful photos.

During December I also do sunrise shoots, which also gives beautiful and soft morning sunlight.

What is the best time of day for an indoor home session?

I usually do lifestyle indoor sessions in the middle of the day, between 10am and 3pm. But what about capturing a documentary morning routine, like breakfast on a weekend, or dinner and bath time in the evening..? Imagine the beautiful memories you'll have of this time in your kids' life.

Even a darker house will have enough light during all of these times, but I also have a great camera that can shoot beautiful photos in low light situations. 

Shadows and dark spots can add beautiful contrast and effects to your indoor session, so I don't need a perfect white and bright house to create a unique at-home session. 

What do I wear?

Wear clothes you love and feel comfortable in.

You don't need to colour-coordinate everyone's clothes, a mixture of different colours and textures work great for a session.

Soft pastel colours always look great in photos and if you layer your clothes you can mix up your look without doing a total outfit change. (There is seldom time or a private place for an outfit change, except at home).  

As far as possible, avoid big logos and designs on clothes or neon and too bright colours. 

My kids are very active and never want to look at the camera.

I was a kindergarten teacher for 5 years, I love kids. I love how they love to be themselves. I also have a toddler boy and practice on him all the time. Kids are my favourite subjects to photograph.

I don't mind active little ones one bit, I enjoy it, and I have a gift for capturing the essence of children, just the way they are. If they want to run and jump and not look at me at all, it's perfect for me, because then I can run around too. If they're shy and really don't want the camera on them, then we pause and they can show me a favourite activity or toy or we let them 'just be'. I'll observe and catch documentary, unposed and real moments of them being themselves. 

I've learned that whenever parents tell their kids to look at the camera and smile, it's always the opposite that's happening, so relax and enjoy the session with them, and let me do what I'm good at.

What do I get after the session?

My premium and deluxe packages include printed photos, a photo frame and the usb with all the high quality edited photos for you to print more, and make enlargements. Then the deluxe package also includes a story book with images of your session. 

Postage of your package is also included. I send with Postnet to your nearest Postnet counter.

International courier cost is extra and it depends on your country. I can find out exact costs when you enquire.

My express package includes an online gallery of your images, so you can share with family and friends. You'll be able to print your own jumbo sized photos from these images. High resolution photos for enlargements can be purchased additionally, or you can book one of my other packages that include the high resolution photos.

What others are saying.

"We love our photos! They far exceeded any expectations we had. We’re incredibly pleased, thank you! My husband made the comment, “There is a reason photography is an art form. Ilze is definitely an artist.” We are grateful! We also very much appreciated such a lovely package, complete with prints and a beautifully framed memory from the day. Thank you for that lovely gift of memories." - Misty Davis

"We got the package and only had the opportunity to see the pictures now. They are beautiful! And thank you for the prints and lovely picture frame. It was such a pleasure to work with you. You are very talented at what you do and I can see that you love it. Well done! Hope we can work with you again in the future!" - Anna Taljaard

"Sjoe Ilze! Dit is net te mooi vir woorde! Sooooo baie baie dankie vir die kosbare oomblikke, al jou geduld en besonderse talent! Kon nie vir 'n beter geskenk gevra het nie! Duisende dankies!" - Wiesie Burger

"Ek love ons documentary sessie. Vir ons was dit so lekker om net onsself te kon wees. En die kinders kon net doen waarvan hulle hou en vir my was dit heerlik om te weet dat hulle gemaklik is. Die natuurlike, egte stukkies van ons dag is so mooi vasgevang, hoe twee klein lyfies op hul voetjies staan en handjies wat doen wat hulle so baie doen. Hierdie foto's is wat enige mamma en pappa nodig het om hierdie tye te onthou." - Elizabeth Roets