Farm Fresh | Guavas | Project 52 | Week 14

Project 52, week 14, Farm Fresh, Guavas, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Western Cape, South AfricaI’m on the farm again, and it’s week 14 of 2014!  We’re already in the second quarter of this year!  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by and all the things that happened during this time.

It has been a long while since I’ve worked with textures in Photoshop.  When I started out with playing around in Photoshop I made so much textured images and it was loads of fun.  So for this week I thought a cool textured fine art photo will do.

It just so happens that we have lots of quavas on the farm, they just grow here, super organic and very tasty.  We don’t farm with it, they’ve been here for more than a 100 years (yes, we have a very old farm) and if we don’t harvest them the baboons will do it for us…  They come down from the mountain and make themselves at home around the house eating these delicious fruit.

The best way to eat these guavas are just like this or grated, with some custard, it is VERY good.  I’ve had about 5 already writing this post…

And the Afrikaans word for guava is ‘koejawel’, I LOVE it.

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