Fynbos | Macro | Project 52 | Week 20

Fynbos, Macro, Project 52, Week 20, Overberg Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Ilze Louw, South Africa

Can you BELIEVE that this is a tiny fynbos flower?

That is the beauty of macro photography!  You see something in a whole new way.

I got a whole bunch of fynbos from a friend and this week my mom is visiting me and she arranged all the fynbos everywhere throughout our house.  The house has a lovely fynbos smell and of course all the corners look pretty now.

Fynbos (pronounced: feinbos) really is my most favourite flowers/plants (I’m not one for the ordinary stuff please).  What makes fynbos even more awesome is that the Western Cape of South Africa the ONLY place in this world is where you will find most of the fynbos plant species!  How cool is THAT!

Fynbos (which grows in a 100-to-200-km-wide coastal belt stretching from Clanwilliam on the West coast to Port Elizabeth on the Southeast coast of South Africa) forms part of the Cape floral kingdom, where it accounts for half of the surface area and 80% of the plant species.  Of the world’s six floral kingdoms, this is the smallest and richest per unit of area.

The diversity of fynbos plants is extremely high, with over 9000 species of plants occurring in the area, around 6200 of which are endemic, i.e. growing nowhere else in the world.  (source: Wikipedia)

This photo is a flower from one of the Erica species, a really small purple-pink flower that grows on a bush with thousand others that look the same.

With my macro Lensbaby lens I was actually about 2cm from this flower and got to see how beautifully unique and perfect this flower is.

Next time you’re hiking somewhere in the Cape, look closely how perfect some of the little fynbos flowers are…

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