A Gift | Origami | Project 52 | Week 5

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When a child gives you a gift, even if it’s a rock they just picked up, exude gratitude.

It might be the only thing they have to give, and they have chosen to give it to you.

~ Dean Jackson C.

This week’s photo in the project 52 series is just a plain photo of tiny origami, but it has a beautiful message and story.  Of all the gifts I have ever gotten, this gift of a plastic bag full of origami, is one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

It is our second last week in Korea, and by now all our children know we’re leaving soon.  They still ask us every day why we’re leaving and if we will only be away a short while and then come back.  So it’s a tough week emotionally.  For us and for the kids.

I was going to take another photo for this week’s project 52, but then this happened…

This afternoon, one of our kids, Linda, came to class with two plastic bags full of origami.  One for me and one for teacher David.  Her words: “This is your present, teacher.”  You can see in the photo with the wine glass how small it actually is.  It must have taken hours to make, and some of them are really complicated and interesting.  She, and maybe her mom and grandmother too, must have spent a lot of time making these origami to give as a gift.

I have no idea what I’ll do with it…  Maybe make potpouri…  But this will surely go into my luggage back home to South Africa.

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