Happiness | A Dog | Project 52 | Week 8

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness

from common things.

~ Henry Ward Beecher

Happiness is sometimes as simple as playing with a dog.  This is what week 8 of project 52 is about.

I’m now on our farm in the Cederberg getting our stuff to move to Kleinmond.  While being here I never wore any shoes, make-up or fancy clothes (if you’re from a farm too, you probably also have ‘farm’ clothes, clothes you wear on the farm but would never ever think of wearing anywhere near public…)  Or maybe it’s just me.

So while packing and just being here I played a lot with our dog Ben, throwing the ball over and over and over…  And over, until he was too tired to run anymore and would then just keep the ball in his mouth not allowing me to take it, because that would mean running again and getting more tired.  You know, a dog can’t just walk away and not run after the next ball…

To tease him, I threw two balls just after one another, and that would make him crazy, because there are now two to catch, and of course two to put in his mouth.  You can see in the photo of him running, that the one ball fell out while running back.

I couldn’t let the chance go of catching him on my camera, so I used his ball to get his attention, pretending to throw it and clicking the camera with the other hand.  His leg up in the air is him getting ready to run if I would just.throw.the.ball.already…

Week 8, Project 52, Happiness, A DogIMG_2345-2

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