Imperfect Perfection | Project 52 | Week 22

It is week 22 already!

All the photos so far in my project 52 were technically correct, or most of it in my opinion…

I haven’t had one mistake in the project so far that I thought was a great flaw.  Until now!

This week, I’m bringing you a flaw.  Yes, a blurry photo!

Oh my, how COULD I!?

And even though this is something so out of my character to do, I’m a perfectionist, I just couldn’t let this one go…

After all, I’m also just human.  I make mistakes and sometimes the flaws look like this where I want to scream because it’s such a cool shot and I got it all blurry!  HOW???

(Well, I know how, but that doesn’t matter now)

Only this quote rings in my mind…


Flaws are normal, they make you REAL”


Now isn’t that something cool to think about?

Here is this week’s photo, the cool flaw!  (It sounds like cole slaw… it’s late where I am…)

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