In love with my Lensbaby

This morning I woke up early, and this is not something I really do… not a morning person at all…

But my reason was that I got a new optic for my Lensbaby lens, the Edge 80.  I’ve been wanting this optic for a very long time!  This optic puts a slice of focus anywhere in your photo frame, because of the ability of the lens to bend in any direction.  You’ll see the amazingness (is that a word?) of this in the photos.

What makes me even more excited is the ability of this optic and lens to make an ordinary photo extraordinary.

Korea and the immediate area we live in, is not beautiful to me (according to what’s beautiful in my mind…).  I come from one of the world’s most beautiful countries, South Africa, with so much diversity and beauty.  In a way I feel boxed in in Korea, because I miss all the beauty and diversity from back home, the difference in nature from all the different parts of South Africa, the people, and so much more.  Korea is a small country so almost everywhere you get the same theme, nature is not that much different from another part, and there are cities and towns and buildings everywhere, and open space is a luxury.

But, this lens can now create something beautiful, because I can choose where I put my focus and let the rest blur and become dreamy and leaving something to the imagination… I love how these photos made the area just behind our block of apartments look whimsical and like something out of a story book.

If you look at these photos and think we must live a beautiful place, then I’m happy, because I’ve accomplished just that, made something ordinary and plain, look extraordinary.

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