Little Seri {Lifestyle Children’s Photo Shoot}


I got invited to Seri’s parents’ house to do a lifestyle photo shoot of her doing her usual things…

Painting, playing with her toys, drawing and watering the plants.  Seri gave me gum and asked her mom to make me coffee.

It was like I was a little girl again, I sat on the floor and even played a bit too.  When you’re little time seems to stop, and everything is just wonderful.

It was the second time I’ve done a photo shoot of Seri, you can look at the first one here.  This time I got to see just how creative Seri is.

She painted a beautiful abstract piece full of colour and in her room she gave all her toys some ‘ice-cream’.  She then started drawing pictures and used the markers as lipstick…  The watering of the plants was fun, because she wanted to water my camera too, so I had to play a bit of hide and seek to avoid her!

I loved this photo shoot, just because I could relax and play too.

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