Lize and Adi

Here in Korea the winters are cold, crazy cold!  And this past winter was especially long and cold, almost 5 months long.  So when the first blossoms start to show their faces, there is a kind of excitement in the air… not just because this is the end of winter, also because this is the beginning of the most beautiful season in Korea, and the reason for it being the most beautiful season is because of the lovely cherry blossoms blooming all over the place!

It’s truly amazing to be surrounded by cherry blossoms all around, and it’s something you can’t fully describe to someone else if they haven’t experienced it themselves…

And so, because of all the blooms, every single Korean family is out and about enjoying the blossoms.  So when we did this shoot, we were literally surrounded by crowds of people, waiting for us to finish up and move on, so that they can also take photos on that spot with their camera phones.  It’s something I’m kind of used to by now, always being surrounded by people looking on and stopping to stare.

Lize and Adi have been teachers here in Korea for a year, and they are now on their way back to South Africa.  I really enjoyed doing a photo shoot for them and I hope you enjoy these photos, as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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