We Love To Braai | Project 52 | Week 39

Yesterday was Heritage Day in South Africa.

It was also National Braai Day.  A day on which most South Africans celebrate this holiday by braai-ing something…

Braai is the South African word for barbecue, but it’s not like barbecue at all.  A braai takes time!

We make a fire with wood, we kuier (meaning chatting-laughing-drinking-laughing-chatting) around it until the wood has turned to coals and are perfectly hot for the meat (or whatever you fancy braai-ing).  Then the meat is braai-ed perfectly until done (or ready to eat, sometimes not so done…), and THEN… the braai-broodjies come.  Braai-broodjies are so special, it needs a post all on its own!

So on this day David and I braai-ed our breakfast, hence the photo, and later we braai-ed dinner, which were chops, wors and braai-broodjies.

We Love To Braai, Project 52, Week 39, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Ilze Louw, Overberg Photographer, Western Cape, South Africa

Oops… I see our table needs paint hahaha!

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