I’ve always been fond of doing portrait shoots in natural surroundings with nature as the backdrop, without any distractions like people, buildings, wires and fences, but in Korea that’s not always possible, so I had to adapt… And it has been a great experience to learn how to use what’s in front of me, in my photo shoots.

That has taught me to see the beauty, potential, lines and interesting locations in my everyday surroundings. And I came to love shooting in urban locations.

When Mitzie contacted me for a photo shoot in Seoul, I was very excited, because that meant I could explore more of my new found love for urban photography.

We met at a location in Seoul I have never been to before, and started out with coffee at a coffee shop. It was early morning (for Korea 10am is early morning) and the coffee shop was deserted except for one other guy.  The light was lovely so we started the shoot there.  We then went out into the streets and Mitzie was a wonderful model, she didn’t mind sitting, or lying down, anywhere and we got some really great photos with a true urban vibe.

Enjoy the photos of beautiful Mitzie.

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