My family and our tea times

Just before I was about to format my memory card, I saw I took some test shots with my 24-70mm lens while we were having our daily tea time time-out.

And then I realised, these photos are awesome in describing us.  They are not technically correct or even beautiful, but they are exactly how we are, and they are also exactly why I love photography.  I takes you back to forgotten times, and to precious moments you want to remember forever.

So I decided to blog about something personal and a tradition that we have since I can remember…  Our daily tea times.

Every day at around 11am is tea time in our house.  Someone makes tea, in a tea pot, with cups and saucers.  Then everyone is called away from whatever we’re doing, to come and sit down with the family and have a cup of tea, talk and just be there.  And then again at around 4pm it’s everything all over again.

This came to be some of our best times together and something that we look forward to every day.

The past holiday we went home to South Africa and it was the first time since 2010 that all 5 of us (David, my husband, is the fifth member) were together again.

I took this photos while we were at our beach house for a few days and never intended to use them, like I said, I just tested my lens…  But these photos are now some of my favourites of us, and when I look at them, I remember how we laughed, and even what we talked about.

Isn’t this one of the most magical things about photography…?

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