Nature is Poetry | Project 52 | Week 31

I really love nature and I really love my camera, and since starting with photography I’ve been looking at everything around me so very differently…

I love how something really normal and ordinary can be transformed into a piece of art just by the way you take a photo with your camera and its settings, composing it and then ultimately, editing it in a specific way.

It’s like writing a poem…

Something inspires you, you’re turning it around and around in your head, and then you write something beautiful.

It’s the same with my art photography.

I have a totally different side to my photography.  I’ve always wondered about it and kind of not let it get ‘out’ too much, because it’s just too different to my actual photography style.

Well, I’m letting it out now!

Prepare to see more of my ‘other’ side…

So, here is this week’s photo.  I took it this afternoon while going for a walk.  I then edited it with a texture in Photoshop and some other hand editing.

This bush was just plain and simple and brown, nothing special really, you wouldn’t even notice it.

But now you notice it!

Nature is Poetry, Project 52, Week 31, Ilze Louw, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Overberg Photography, Western Cape, South Africa

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