New Feet, New Start | Project 52 | Week 25

This week I had the privilege of photographing a 13 day old baby.

And it made me think…

When I saw those tiny feet, it was just so wonderful to know that those little feet will walk this earth soon, but that every step taken will be new and fresh and for the first time.

Sometimes I wonder how different my life would have been if I had walked a different path to the one I’m on.

It’s just something I wonder about, because I wonder a lot…  I would never want to change the path I’m on.

So, for week 25 I have baby feet for you.

These feet

will carry you towards your dreams

will dance with your true love

just imagine all the places they will go…

And the little sockies made it even more cute.

Project 52, week 25, Ilze Louw, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Western Cape, South Africa

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