One day I woke up…

One day I woke up and it just hit me!

We are here on earth to live!  Haha, yes really!

By now, two sentences into this post you’re thinking I’m totally crazy and your mouse button is moving to the red close button…  See I got you!

Don’t leave yet!

I woke up one day and just realised that we’re here on earth to live!

You see, for centuries we’ve been told the way to live is to go to school, study, go to university, study more, get a job, work hard and harder and harder and if you DON’T LIKE it, just keep at it, because it brings in money and that is what counts!  And yes, money is important, because without it you can’t eat and have a house and so on, but your mind will eventually die in the process, that I can promise you.

BUT, I woke up one day and realised it is just not for me.  My mind was dying…

I felt like I was in prison if I have to live this way.  So it was tough to come to this realisation.

If you’re surrounded by this way of “how it is supposed to be” it is difficult to break free and just do your thing!

I went to school and studied hard, got into a good university and studied a course I thought would be my job for life.  I actually worked in that field for a while and tried my best to like it.  But something was missing.  Living my life was missing!  And I was not happy!

And then my life turned around and I was able to choose what I wanted to do, REALLY do, with my life.

And when I started doing it, I realised that we’re here on earth to live.  Live life to its fullest, be whatever we want to be, go where we want to go, do what we love, just LIVE!  And for the first time I felt free!

Do you feel free?  Just throwing it out there…

And no, it wasn’t easy, it’s still not easy.  And no, I’m not a millionaire, and no, I don’t live stress free or worry free or sleep all day and just click my camera and relax afterwards.  And no, I don’t even have enough money.

But I do wake up every day excited to do my job.  And I can go crazy (mostly in my own head, because no-one who will understand is close by) about a beautiful photo I took, about an awesome family I met, about a precious new baby I captured, about a unique young life I photographed, about the love between two people.  And I get excited about sharing that with the world and with my clients.  I get energized by it!

And THIS is what life, to me, is all about!

Getting excited about what you do, getting energized to go on, regardless of your worldly situation.

So this is just a personal post, but maybe it will get you thinking.

We only live once…

We only live once, Ilze Louw, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa

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