Purple Sky | Sunset | Project 52 | Week 15

Purple Sky, Sunset, Project 52, Week 15, Fine Art Photographer, South Africa

I’ve not missed ONE week so far in my project 52!

This is really huge for me, because it’s getting really difficult to come up with a photo post for every week that is somewhat unique and something that can also be a stand alone image on its own.  And on top of that I must take the photo in that particular week (just a rule I set for myself and can’t break now…)

So it’s been a challenge, but luckily I like a challenge!

I was speaking to another wonderfully creative person yesterday about the Lensbaby lenses and she was soooo excited about getting one that I got excited too.  I realised I have these creative lenses sitting in my camera bag and they’ve not seen daylight for a while.  Poor things.

So I got one out, the double glass optic, which gives a circular point of focus.  BUT I decided to use the widest lens opening (f2), which is also the most difficult one to get sharp focus, (well, you can’t really get sharp focus with it).

And off I went to see if I can get some dreamy blurry sunset shots.  The sky is a beautiful purple, pink, orange combination every night and I thought it might look cool.

But then some birds started flying over the sea and the idea popped into my head to try and focus on the birds… Haha crazy idea, with a Lensbaby…

So the end result was this creamy blurry-ness of sunset colours and a few soft birds flying across it.


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