Snoek at Kleinmond harbour

I’m really all for beautiful, soft, dreamy and vintage things (and so on…)

BUT, I also LOVE life and everything it has to offer, even if it’s gross hehehe and faaaar off from what I usually shoot… somewhere in there you can still find beauty!

Like these colourful photos I took on our recent trip to South Africa, at Kleinmond harbour on the West Coast.  It truly reflects the colourful people working on the fish waters, cleaning the fish and telling fishing stories while sitting around and watching.

The catch of the day was snoek (also called snook, and in Australia it’s called Barracouta).  It’s a fish native to South African (the Cape), South American, Australian and New Zealand waters, and is often smoked or salted.  However, most of the time in the Cape (in South Africa where I come from), we braai (barbeque) it over a fire, with delicious spices and sauces of lemon butter, chutney, apricot jam, salt and pepper.  Traditinally it is served with patat (sweet potato) and home baked bread with jam and cheese.  Here you can read more about snoek.

I think we ate snoek about four times during the three week stay we were in South Africa… It’s that good!

Cutting out the gills…  and the gills on the right.  Do you see the hearts in it?

A snoek on the left and snoek kuite (the eggs) on the right.  Snoek caviar so to speak…

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