Sunday Bliss

I have loads of photos of other families stored on my computer, but only a few of my life…

But it really shouldn’t be like this.

David and I used to go for picnics all the time when we were still only going out (that was about 10 years ago, because we’ve been together for almost 12 years).

It was (and still is) our special time, we both love camping and being outside in nature just chilling.

So early this morning he said I should dress comfortably, he’s packing our breakfast stuff for a picnic!  And I knew I had to grab my camera for this…

Because my life with my best friend is worth capturing every once in a while.  He is my FAVOURITE person and I really love spending time with this cool man!

So here is a little glimpse into my world, our non-fancy breakfast along the river without make-up, eating chips on bread and enjoying the lovely spring weather.

Sunday Bliss, Lifestyle Portrait Photographer, Ilze Louw, Overberg Photographer, Western Cape, South Africa

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