Three Days in Hong Kong

We travel not to escape life,

but for life not to escape us.   ~Anonymous

David and I have traveled a lot, mostly in Asia, but if not for Asia I would not have been the person I am today.

Traveling to, or living, in Asia is something so unique and different if you are from Western countries.  Imagine everything you’re used to, upside down…  That is the easiest way for me to explain it.  Even your way of thinking is challenged and totally different than what you’re used to.  Everything that is normal to you, is different here, and everything that is not normal to you is just plain normal here…

It is a wonderful place to live and at the same time the most difficult and challenging places to live.  Your mind is stretched beyond measure and you see the world, people, places and happenings in a totally new light and with much more compassion.  I think this part was the most challenging for us, but also the best part for us.

This blog post is about our 3 days in Hong Kong back in September 2013.  And the time we got stuck in a huge typhoon the day we were supposed to fly back to Korea…  A typhoon is a normal occurence in the East, but for us Africans it was super scary and that also made me realise how different our lives are from Asians.

As you’ll see in some photos, the people live in the tiniest places, surrounded by thousands of others they don’t even know, in colourful apartments stacked meters into the air.  Some people have never seen real stars, open spaces or grass to play on.

Hong Kong (formerly a British colony until 1997) is one of China’s Self Administrative Regions (just like Macau, I will do a post about Macau soon) and has a land mass of 1104 km² and a population of 7 million people!!!  Yes, one of the most densely populated areas in the world!  It’s crazy!

Enjoy the photos!

These guys were not so happy about me and my camera…

Shopping is big in Hong Kong!  Here you get dedicated shopping streets where you can buy anything you can think of.

Dragon fruit.

Right next to the fruit and vegetables you’ll get chicken legs and dried fish…

Fish street.  A street lined with all kinds of colourful fish in plastic bags for you to buy.

ALWAYS busy and never alone!

Night city scapes of Hong Kong island.

Famous Chinese sailboats still operating in Hong Kong harbour.

HongKong-21While we were in Hong Kong it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, a harvest and thanksgiving festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people.  You could see lanterns everywhere and families and people gathering for picnics.

This was one of the most fascinating things for me, the size of the buildings.  You can almost look straight up.  Imagine living so far up in the sky…

Burning incense in one of the temples.  The people burn incense during this festival to ward of evil spirits and death in families.

Jasmine tea, China’s national tea.  Jasmine tea usually has a green tea base, scented with jasmine flowers to give it its distinctive taste.  One of my most favourite teas.

Dried stuff… some kind of sea animal…

Hong Kong drive on the left side of the road and you will find trams everywhere in Hong Kong island city.  The cheapest way to get around, if you don’t want to walk.

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