Where I’m now… South Korea

David and I live in South Korea.  We’ve been here for almost 5 years.  We teach little kiddies English at a kindergarten.  The kids start learning English at the age of 4 years old, and yes, we have those kids in our classes!  They are super cute and can’t understand a word we’re saying…  But still, at the end of a year, they have learned so much and we can’t believe that the English they are capable of, we have taught them!

We live in Cheongju, in the province Chungcheong Buk Do, in the middle of South Korea.

This photo was taken close to our house here in Cheongju.

Insadong, Seoul.

The Korean sign when photos are being taken, the peace sign…  But here in Korea it is used next to their faces to make their faces seem smaller in photos…

An ajumma (married woman/old lady).  They are strong, they rule Korea, and they can do whatever they want!  And they are EVERYWHERE!  But most are really kind and talkative and always willing to help!

A typical sight in Korea, kids playing games on their smart phones.  But not only the kids, even the adults play games all the time.  That’s a common reason why so many Koreans wear glasses… I think…

You are NEVER alone anywhere in Korea…  There are always people.  And loads of them!

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