Wild flowers in the Cederberg

Every year is flower time in the Cederberg and Namaqualand.

The whole region is transformed into shades of yellow, white, orange and purple.

This past flower season was an extra special one, it was one of the best years since 1996, and it was right after one of the biggest wild fires the Cederberg had in more than 10 years.  The flowers literally formed carpets of colour everywhere, some so dense, you couldn’t see the ground underneath.

I visited home, our farm, this past season and one afternoon I took my camera with the 85mm prime lens out on a walk. Yes, the 85mm is not your traditional lens to capture something like this, but I wanted to challenge myself and see what I can do with this particular lens when taking photos of flowers and the landscape.

On the other hand, I wanted to shoot with a very shallow depth of field, to make everything more painterly and dreamy.  I shot at aperture f2, and that is what gave the thin slice of sharpness in every photo and making the rest all blurry and soft.  I love how it plays with your imagination of what’s really going on in the photo…

These photos were shot at a place on our farm that completely burnt down in the wild fires in January of this year. I’ve posted a photo of how it looked after the fire right at the end of this post, so scroll down until the end. The last photo was taken by my dad and you can see the date stamp on it.

It is amazing the Greatness of God in the way He transformed this barren land into something so colourful and beautiful and alive!  His promise of always caring and being there for us is evident in nature every day, we should just choose to see it and believe it, and live it!

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