Winter | Frozen Berries | Project 52 | Week 4

Project 52, week 4, Winter, frozen berriesCan you believe we’re already in week 4 of this year?  For this week’s photo in my project 52 I had a bit of a struggle.

It is freezing cold here in Korea, think subzero temperatures and ice everywhere.  If you’re outside for more than 5 minutes, your hands, face and feet are dead.  And on top of that I am having one of those bad weeks where everything happens all at once and you think you get things done, but then realise you haven’t even scratched the surface.

So this picture actually says a lot…  Struggling gooseberries in winter, haha, yes, so this week I’m a gooseberry!

Sometimes I just want to give up and be a normal boring person again.

Some days are really hard in making your dreams a reality.  Mostly you’re alone, because sadly we live in a world where others get enjoyment out of your struggles and failings.

But it’s at your lowest point that you must just keep on going your way.  C.S. Lewis said: “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

I truly believe everything happening has a bigger picture to it.  God has a plan for you and your life and when you have found your purpose in this life, keep at it, NO MATTER WHAT.  And don’t let small minded people let you loose track of what you’re destined to be.  But most of all, don’t stand in your own way of becoming your most awesome self.

This was shot with my Lensbaby and the double glass optic, in -5 ℃ (colder than the fridge in my house!!!), in our school’s garden.

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