Your Experience In Front Of My Lens {The Herbst Family}

Sometimes my clients tell me just how wonderful and precious their shoot and photographs are and I keep these words in my heart and when the going gets tough I remember their words.

And sometimes the words I receive are so touching and real that it makes me cry with happiness and knowing that even if it only touches a few, I have done my part and my calling.

Kind and beautiful words from one family or one person is all us creatives need to go on, it truly is the little things in life making what we do, worthwhile.

As you may know, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Herbst family in capturing Christiaan’s first year of life and although I’ve known De Wet and Naomi since university it’s only now that I got to really know them.  To follow in their journey as parents has inspired me to be better at who I am and these three are the ones that got me believing that we can be parents too one day.

It’s humbling to get to know people at their best, worst and all the times in between and to really be a part of their lives as parents.

Here is a message I got from them and I’ve also done a short video of Christiaan’s 8 months shoot.  I spent an afternoon visiting and decided to capture real documentary photos from when he woke up to playing happily on the grass…


Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things. – Robert Brault

The above quote for us embodies the work that Ilze does.  Our little boy grows every single minute of every single day.  Some mornings we wake up and are amazed at the sight of our little baby becoming a little boy so quickly.  All parents will agree that these moments of realising your totally dependent little one will not depend on you forever, are very sad and frightening.  We as parents want to remember everything about this amazing Godly journey.  We want to remember his little feet growing, his hands realising that they can touch and move things.  We want to remember his face, smile and attitude evolving into his own little being.  Sharing these moments with family and friends that live far away is also very important to us.

These things cannot be captured in a studio or during a shoot lasting a couple of hours.  These magical, once in a lifetime moments, has to be captured in a natural and relaxing atmosphere.  Ilze has the ability to come into our personal space without invading it.  Her humble nature ensures that we and Christiaan feel extremely comfortable, thus ensuring that the results are as close to our everyday lives as possible.  We absolutely love every single moment we spend with Ilze and in front of her lens.  Even Christiaan gets excited when he sees the camera bag coming through the door.  

Ilze, we cannot thank you enough for ‘freezing’ the magical moments of our journey with our little man and enabling us to share these moments with our family and friends that are not able to be with us all the time.  It almost makes the idea of him growing up, more bearable.

Lots of Love

Christiaan, De Wet and Naomi Herbst


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