Ilze Louw Photography, Lifestyle Documentary Photography

My Photography

Family photography has always been my first love, and since becoming a parent photos started playing an even bigger role in my life. It preserves those fleeting memories that goes by too quickly. It makes time stop for a bit, so we can savour a moment for a little bit longer.

I love everything from before birth with a beautiful baby bump, documenting births (yes I am a proud member of SABPA), tiny babies, to families enjoying time together at home or on holiday and everything in between. Those normal everyday moments you might not even think of as picture-worthy.

My style of photography is real, unscripted, and uniquely your story. I can read people quite easily and would do a shoot that best suits you and your personalities. So every shoot is different than the one before, but perfectly you. Sometimes I direct a bit, but mostly I just observe and catch the moments.

I do lifestyle and documentary sessions but always work the 'look-at-the-camera' photos into each session, you know, the ones you would give to grandma to put on the fridge... 

My Story

Somehow photography chose me. I never thought I'd become a photographer, I just always knew I would work for myself one day. But I was always a storyteller. When I started taking photos I realised this can be my way of telling my stories in real life. Photography can be my way of telling someone else's story too.

I feel most alive when I'm creative, when I write, and when I spend time with family and friends. 

I'm always up for a cup of tea, I love people, but I also love being alone, sometimes reading a book, mostly just musing and thinking up new ideas. My favourite people are my son, my husband and people I can share my heart with. I believe in magick, elves and faeries and that we're all here to serve each other. To me, life is beautiful, even the hardships and sadness. And I love, sometimes too fiercely, but it's what makes life perfect.

If you love stories, let me tell yours.

Ilze Louw Photography, Lifestyle Documentary Photography