What is Documentary Photography?

Documentary photography captures photos that are true to your life at a specific moment in time, just the way it is. 

It's unscripted and real. It's not posed and not set up. Your house doesn't need to be perfect, it can be how it normally is with kids and pets and just LIFE. I'm a fly on the wall, I don't direct, intervene or pose. I document your life as it is, so you don't do anything special during the session, you just carry on with what you're busy with.

Prior to a documentary session we'll discuss something you normally do, to capture. Like breakfast time, baking together, an outing, bath- and bedtime, dinner together, even grocery shopping with the family...

What makes documentary photography so special? It captures a snippet of your day how it truly is so you can look back on those moments years from now and remember exactly how it was. It takes you back to how it felt, how crazy and beautiful your days were.

We're always so worried about a messy or imperfect home. But don't be afraid of the blemishes. There are SO much history behind it, so much beauty, so much story, and in a blink the tiny details of your life right now will be gone.

So savour them. There really is beauty in the normal!